My inner voice during the tighest sleep,
While I am away from the world, somewhere down and deep.

Baffles my ears, shatters my soul,
Leaves me confused, afraid in the black hole.

I hear the words only I can understand,
I see the roads driving to my dreamland.

At times, I get a universe I demand,
The other day it is the darkest night, under a devil’s command.

I trek the highest mountaints, I aim the sun in the sky,
My imagination gives me wings and I teach the birds how to fly.

With a sword in hand, I fight the battles to become a king,
And end up in pity getting beaten in the ring.

Once I ran beating Usain Bolt in a race,
Next day Neil Armstrong found me dead in the space.

I had been saving Gotham being a Batman since long,
It was delight receiving Oscar for the best song.

It was tough crossing the road, being the slowest snail,
I know you still lack imagination, coz I bet you haven’t eaten a blue whale!

Can you help me with one doubt?????
I travelled from White House to Parliament in 5minutes, I am still Googling it for that shortest route.

A lot more to happen, a lot more to add to the stories,
Days may or may not help me but nights will surely give me glories.

With such a free soul and such a wandering mind,
Nights make a creature, one of my own kind.
The whispers I hear with loudest but the most silent screams,
Defines my life’s aims and dreams.

One day I’ll surely accomplish what shakes me up,
But before I could do anything, this cruel alarm always wakes me up.


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