Success Success where have you been,
Leaving me lonely, when I’ve been so keen.
A mind is stressed, a body is distressed.
A world of thoughts waiting to be addressed.

Negative spirit of thoughts entangled in the maze,
Sight obstructed by the path covered with dense haze.
With the cruelty of hardships, facing every moment,
Miguiding the mind, being just inches away from the accomplishment.

Every small step I take, trembled in fear,
The hope is alive, you will surely appear.
I keep my aim steady, up and high,
You (Success) can’t betray me, I am born to fly.

With my simplest thought, you presented the toughtest abbreviation,
You can’t run from a man, with failure as his biggest motivation.
I might be lost, entangled in your quest,
Wait! Hold your smile, you still haven’t seen my best.

You see me as a common man, running for his daily butter and bread,
Your deep vision still lacks to see, the positivity in my head.
The day I’ll reach the peak of my glories,
I bet, you (Success) will be the narrator of my stories.

After seeing that smiling face and head crowned with victory,
Everything will be looked over, as the failures just being history.
Bathed in the pride of achievement, with surrounding eyes astonished,
I’ll give my soul, the world that I’ve always promised.

Waiting to see and dying to hear,
“We are the proud parents, you have done it my dear.”
With every fight that I lose, with every wrong step I take, with every wrong door I access,
Somewhere down and deep I am heading towards my Success.


22 thoughts on “SUCCESS”

      1. For me it is a journey! You keep giving yourself a new destination(challenge) to reach and accomplish…and with every accomplishment your definition of success keeps on varying. Altogether, you carry for yourself a bag full of joyous success stories which gives you internal satisfsction and movtive to live☺️☺️


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