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Life falling, from the sky,
without any wings!
Oh come’on, are you high??
Couldn’t be imagined, even in the dreams, being so scary.
I bet you’ll only hear the screams.

Tearing apart the sky, flying with the birds.
Ahh! what an experience, I just can’t define it in words!
Watching the horizon with land appearing just a map,
Those worries! Those tensions! Those challenges!
I could only say, the world below is just crap.

The best goosebumps I’ve ever had,
The best fear I’ll ever experience,
Distance of 14000ft! That was the path of my life’s true brilliance.

I could sum up my life in those 10 minutes (approx) of fall,
I was flying and you creatures could only crawl.
The feeling is alive and still runs in my vein,
Beware of me skies,
till I strike once again.

Jitin Sethi

64 thoughts on “Skydiving”

      1. My daughter and son-in-law (boyfriend then) went on a three-month backpacking trip all over Europe right after graduation. He is an outgoing person. He does kayaking, runs over rapids, rolls down waterfalls. He is not doing ‘dangerous’ thing since they got married. He taught my daughter kayaking. They do camping, cross counting skiing, hiked to the top of Mt Adams in Oregon, before they started a family – she is due 9/19 (I’m excited), they went canyoneering in Zion National Park. They both took rock climbing lesson before they went.
        I’m glad they

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      2. Oh, they also did triathlon together. I’m glad they went on all the adventures before they started a family. They still can go to do many thing. So enjoy life to the fullness when you can. You live only once!

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  1. You really do show your excitement and the high the sky diving took you.
    Couple this feeling of freedom with the fear of crashing and all senses are heightened.
    Maybe the crawling creatures were flying in their spirits….😊 – at least some.🦋 .

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    1. Yeah, it was awesome. I felt like flying in the sky during the free fall, the experience can’t be defined in words. You need to experience it to feel it exactly. Loved it. Thank you so much for such a nice comment😊😊😊


      1. yes.When I trained,tandem wasn’t around so we had to do it.Parachuting has to be assertive.You can’t let someone else decide what to do.Doing tandem is like getting a Taxi…….someone else is making all the decisions for you & your along for the ride.

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    1. I’ll wait to hear about your experience. It is simply awesome. I would even suggest you to try it early, you can do it again at 70 😉 lol..that too like a pro by then. ☺️


      1. Yeah, but its all in the head. The moment you jump off that plane you realize its beauty and what you have been fearing is actually an awesome experience.☺️☺️ A small ray of motivation from me👍🏻

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