Life yet again,
With some of its beauties and some of its pain.

Still aiming a destination unknown undiscovered,
Assuming a part of it already covered.

Presenting everytime a new challenge, a new phase,
Everyday it gives you a new rat to chase.

Whenever you think it has come to a still,
You come upto something targeting your will.

It gives you the happiness, it shows you the trends,
And suddenly gives you a push, to leave your family and all of your friends.

You experience a situation where options are few,
You get tangled when everything around is new.

Then out of the box you come to a conclusion,
That proves out to be the best solution.

At that time you wonder, how did you do it and how did you select,
This is life’s suspicious art which moulds you to survive and carves you to be perfect.

What matters to people is only its end,
But what makes you a winner is a smile, that you wear during its bend.

Dont waste opportunities and eat up your fruit,
The time you see your target, just aim and shoot.

With all its suffering and all its gain,
Here is ‘Life yet again’


38 thoughts on “LIFE YET AGAIN”

  1. What your words inspired in me, thank you!

    life yet again
    evolution is still real
    did reason evolve
    desert beetles
    presenting their backs for dew
    reason… or instinct…
    instinct is natural
    reasons… life learns… right.. wrong…
    wisdom… still out there…
    great apes
    learn from each other
    how to crack nuts
    reason evolving
    apes driving cars…one day
    not in our life time
    Best wishes, take care,


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