What is life,what is end!!
you can discover when you have a friend.

The one who is special,the one who is near,
You are the luckiest if that ‘ONE’ is your dear.

Life is worst if you have none,
with him it is a game you have already won.

Your sorrows,your secrets,all your fame,
All are worthless without his name.

He shares the relation not from your blood;
You choose that spirit among the flood.

FRI”END” itself defines the bend,
I’m here your search has reached its end.

When results are out and all is in vain,
He will stand by you to say,”Brother,screwd up again”.

All those scoundrels,all those blends,
This is my heart(words) dedicated to all my friends.

Be with me,leave me never,
Let us together say ”FRIENDS FOREVER”


19 thoughts on “FRIENDS”

  1. Mein akela hi chala tha jaanib-e-manjil ;log aate gaye,kaarwan banta gayaโ€ฆ.
    Dost to mil jaayenge par do pal saath bitaane waale,kuch aisaa karo ki log aapke peeche peeche chalein.

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