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Life falling, from the sky,
without any wings!
Oh come’on, are you high??
Couldn’t be imagined, even in the dreams, being so scary.
I bet you’ll only hear the screams.

Tearing apart the sky, flying with the birds.
Ahh! what an experience, I just can’t define it in words!
Watching the horizon with land appearing just a map,
Those worries! Those tensions! Those challenges!
I could only say, the world below is just crap.

The best goosebumps I’ve ever had,
The best fear I’ll ever experience,
Distance of 14000ft! That was the path of my life’s true brilliance.

I could sum up my life in those 10 minutes (approx) of fall,
I was flying and you creatures could only crawl.
The feeling is alive and still runs in my vein,
Beware of me skies,
till I strike once again.

Jitin Sethi



With all the aspirations, a bird has flown,
Conquering the obstacles, those mountains and winds have shown.
A difficult journey she started testing her will power,
Targeting her lonely patience every hour.

With the courage embedded in her soul,
She is a free mind with thoughts on a roll.
Fearless, carefree she seems to be,
Deep inside there are always tsunamis in the sea.

Steps were taken aback at times,
When family weighed heavier than thoughts as signs.
The target was never forgotten, the smile was never gone,
She knew the fact, ‘To Achieve’ the show must go on.

That dark thunderous night, fighting the ghost of the weathers,
She lost eveything, along with her beautiful feathers.
She was broken down and deep,
A friend’s voice rose, ‘lets get that creep’.

Strong she was, just needing that hope,
She started again with a win as her only scope.
Fiercely she rose, winnning over the sky,
She flew too sharp, the ghosts couldn’t even spy.

All those thoughts, still running through the bloods,
Here she goes piercing through the floods.
Let me reach my skies where I’ll get my fame,
You only visualize my small conquests, just wait for my Big Game.


(Bird referred to as Girl)




Success Success where have you been,
Leaving me lonely, when I’ve been so keen.
A mind is stressed, a body is distressed.
A world of thoughts waiting to be addressed.

Negative spirit of thoughts entangled in the maze,
Sight obstructed by the path covered with dense haze.
With the cruelty of hardships, facing every moment,
Miguiding the mind, being just inches away from the accomplishment.

Every small step I take, trembled in fear,
The hope is alive, you will surely appear.
I keep my aim steady, up and high,
You (Success) can’t betray me, I am born to fly.

With my simplest thought, you presented the toughtest abbreviation,
You can’t run from a man, with failure as his biggest motivation.
I might be lost, entangled in your quest,
Wait! Hold your smile, you still haven’t seen my best.

You see me as a common man, running for his daily butter and bread,
Your deep vision still lacks to see, the positivity in my head.
The day I’ll reach the peak of my glories,
I bet, you (Success) will be the narrator of my stories.

After seeing that smiling face and head crowned with victory,
Everything will be looked over, as the failures just being history.
Bathed in the pride of achievement, with surrounding eyes astonished,
I’ll give my soul, the world that I’ve always promised.

Waiting to see and dying to hear,
“We are the proud parents, you have done it my dear.”
With every fight that I lose, with every wrong step I take, with every wrong door I access,
Somewhere down and deep I am heading towards my Success.





What is life,what is end!!
you can discover when you have a friend.

The one who is special,the one who is near,
You are the luckiest if that ‘ONE’ is your dear.

Life is worst if you have none,
with him it is a game you have already won.

Your sorrows,your secrets,all your fame,
All are worthless without his name.

He shares the relation not from your blood;
You choose that spirit among the flood.

FRI”END” itself defines the bend,
I’m here your search has reached its end.

When results are out and all is in vain,
He will stand by you to say,”Brother,screwd up again”.

All those scoundrels,all those blends,
This is my heart(words) dedicated to all my friends.

Be with me,leave me never,
Let us together say ”FRIENDS FOREVER”




LIFE,a path of journey,
a never ending burning.

Have we realized what is life yet,
An unanswered question with a hint and a view of bet.

Creepers take it the way of spending days,
Winners consider it worth if handled in critical ways.

A strange thing with never understood twist,
But this thing actually does not exist.

For those who want to live,it is a dare,
And nothing for those who just stand and stare.

Insects also live,but do they survive?????
its simply because they don’t know how to build and how to drive.

Now its upon you,waste it and destroy it by giving it up,
Don’t let it go,live and enjoy,it is so precious,so make it worth living it up…..:) 🙂





One fine day under the clouds,
You will take on the enemy like the fearless hounds.
Loud and clear a father’s pride said,
Months after which the radio whispered, a soldier is dead.

Broken he was, trembled in despair,
Body was fine, but his heart felt that spear.
Pride was broken, the smile was gone,
He lost everything, on that very dawn.

Peak had been captured, the enemy was kicked,
Beer of the victory was already sipped.
And there was a father, shadowing thoughts in his blues,
This is WAR, you never win, you always LOSE.

Since the humanity, there has been a war,
Smaller or bigger, but leaving a scar.
The genie of well being is still shredding tears,
Hoping for a wish, to end the wars going on for years.

With the win, we share the sadness for losing brave lives,
But do we even care to see behind the enemy lines?????
The story remains the same my friend,
I have never heard of any war with a joyous END.

With every year’s celebration we remember their sacrifice,
Just end this fighting era, why don’t we give such an advice.
Despite bearing such losses, we think about creating more nuclear bombs,
Is this for what we came out of our mother’s wombs.

Make peace your weapon and humanity your cause,
The mighty powers from the sky will surely applause.
Lets stop moving towards from where humanity is far,
And rise up for a war against the WAR.


(Inspired from Hacksaw Ridge)


My inner voice during the tighest sleep,
While I am away from the world, somewhere down and deep.

Baffles my ears, shatters my soul,
Leaves me confused, afraid in the black hole.

I hear the words only I can understand,
I see the roads driving to my dreamland.

At times, I get a universe I demand,
The other day it is the darkest night, under a devil’s command.

I trek the highest mountaints, I aim the sun in the sky,
My imagination gives me wings and I teach the birds how to fly.

With a sword in hand, I fight the battles to become a king,
And end up in pity getting beaten in the ring.

Once I ran beating Usain Bolt in a race,
Next day Neil Armstrong found me dead in the space.

I had been saving Gotham being a Batman since long,
It was delight receiving Oscar for the best song.

It was tough crossing the road, being the slowest snail,
I know you still lack imagination, coz I bet you haven’t eaten a blue whale!

Can you help me with one doubt?????
I travelled from White House to Parliament in 5minutes, I am still Googling it for that shortest route.

A lot more to happen, a lot more to add to the stories,
Days may or may not help me but nights will surely give me glories.

With such a free soul and such a wandering mind,
Nights make a creature, one of my own kind.
The whispers I hear with loudest but the most silent screams,
Defines my life’s aims and dreams.

One day I’ll surely accomplish what shakes me up,
But before I could do anything, this cruel alarm always wakes me up.




Life yet again,
With some of its beauties and some of its pain.

Still aiming a destination unknown undiscovered,
Assuming a part of it already covered.

Presenting everytime a new challenge, a new phase,
Everyday it gives you a new rat to chase.

Whenever you think it has come to a still,
You come upto something targeting your will.

It gives you the happiness, it shows you the trends,
And suddenly gives you a push, to leave your family and all of your friends.

You experience a situation where options are few,
You get tangled when everything around is new.

Then out of the box you come to a conclusion,
That proves out to be the best solution.

At that time you wonder, how did you do it and how did you select,
This is life’s suspicious art which moulds you to survive and carves you to be perfect.

What matters to people is only its end,
But what makes you a winner is a smile, that you wear during its bend.

Dont waste opportunities and eat up your fruit,
The time you see your target, just aim and shoot.

With all its suffering and all its gain,
Here is ‘Life yet again’