With all the aspirations, a bird has flown,
Conquering the obstacles, those mountains and winds have shown.
A difficult journey she started testing her will power,
Targeting her lonely patience every hour.

With the courage embedded in her soul,
She is a free mind with thoughts on a roll.
Fearless, carefree she seems to be,
Deep inside there are always tsunamis in the sea.

Steps were taken aback at times,
When family weighed heavier than thoughts as signs.
The target was never forgotten, the smile was never gone,
She knew the fact, ‘To Achieve’ the show must go on.

That dark thunderous night, fighting the ghost of the weathers,
She lost eveything, along with her beautiful feathers.
She was broken down and deep,
A friend’s voice rose, ‘lets get that creep’.

Strong she was, just needing that hope,
She started again with a win as her only scope.
Fiercely she rose, winnning over the sky,
She flew too sharp, the ghosts couldn’t even spy.

All those thoughts, still running through the bloods,
Here she goes piercing through the floods.
Let me reach my skies where I’ll get my fame,
You only visualize my small conquests, just wait for my Big Game.


(Bird referred to as Girl)

85 thoughts on “THAT GIRL!!!!”

  1. Beautiful and touching…every poem you write is so deep, so meaningful, expressing an inner beauty and an impressive talent. Thank you for sharing these treasures with the world! And thank you for following my blog, it means more than words can say!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Same here Miriam☺️ i tried seeing the world from a girl’s eye and i kind of felt blind. Really hard to see the world from someone else’s vision. And yes, you have a beautiful name ☺️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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