One fine day under the clouds,
You will take on the enemy like the fearless hounds.
Loud and clear a father’s pride said,
Months after which the radio whispered, a soldier is dead.

Broken he was, trembled in despair,
Body was fine, but his heart felt that spear.
Pride was broken, the smile was gone,
He lost everything, on that very dawn.

Peak had been captured, the enemy was kicked,
Beer of the victory was already sipped.
And there was a father, shadowing thoughts in his blues,
This is WAR, you never win, you always LOSE.

Since the humanity, there has been a war,
Smaller or bigger, but leaving a scar.
The genie of well being is still shredding tears,
Hoping for a wish, to end the wars going on for years.

With the win, we share the sadness for losing brave lives,
But do we even care to see behind the enemy lines?????
The story remains the same my friend,
I have never heard of any war with a joyous END.

With every year’s celebration we remember their sacrifice,
Just end this fighting era, why don’t we give such an advice.
Despite bearing such losses, we think about creating more nuclear bombs,
Is this for what we came out of our mother’s wombs.

Make peace your weapon and humanity your cause,
The mighty powers from the sky will surely applause.
Lets stop moving towards from where humanity is far,
And rise up for a war against the WAR.


(Inspired from Hacksaw Ridge)

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